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This Week 12-4-23: AI Water Manager, Wetlands, Rainwater Harvesting and More

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Congratulations to our new Ambassadors, and say “hello” to our newest members! JoAnn Stone (Georgia), Jerry Croft (Illinois), Stuart Rudick (Hawaii), Richard Flynn (Ireland), Valerie Jenkinson (Canada), Timothy Gavigan (California), Thomas Flynn (Africa), Anita Borade (India), Senthil Kumar (India), Dan Campbell (Virginia) NEWS WORTH SHARING: Enjoy this fascinating interview with Dr. Aqua – an AI-generated water management expert.

TO KNOW: Dan Lilly has made a hobby out of serving others, providing refurbished computers and soccer balls to NGOs across the globe. Hear how a journey to Cuba sparked his mission to serve others! Many thanks, Dan, for the 3 computers that were just contributed to the WEMA Children’s Center in Kenya! THIS WEEK’S POLL What do you think the role of AI should be in water?

  • For optimizing water usage resources, creating the most efficient allocations of clean water – 25%

  • AI is vital for developing early warning systems to detect and respond to water-related issues promptly – 25%

  • Significantly improving water treatment processes – 12%

  • AI can play a crucial role in analyzing data to effectively predict and manage water availability and quality – 12%

  • Other, please comment – 12%

Comments noted that AI will be important for all these items. They also noted that intense training and cybersecurity will be critical.

TALK: Israel’s Water Innovators sparked the creation of Global Water Works in 2016. We are keeping all in the Middle East in our prayers as the war continues, and we invite you to explore Israel’s proven water innovators through the 2016 preview, and recap of the Israel California Water Conference. INNOVATION AND INTELLIGENT DESIGN: Constructed (and natural) wetlands provide an

way to treat wastewater and stormwater while providing nature preserves that the public can visit.

WONDER OF WATER: More than 35 professionals, students and teachers joined the celebration of 2023 RainReach for Schools, which provided clean water to 3000+ students at 10 Schools and one orphanage in 2023. The physical water solution was accompanied by stewardship education. The enthusiasm was evident from those impacted plus those who played a part in delivering the comprehensive solution. Join hands with the RainReach team by giving of your time, talents or treasure, as we plan to serve 50 schools in 2024. FUN WITH WATER happens when we work together, as the Loon Lake Management Association shows through their combined success, uniting and educating their 13

associations and tackling the invasive weed problem. #WATERTECH SHOWCASE: Two members of

GlobalWaterWorks' WaterTech Showcase - Glanris and Epic Cleantec - were featured in CNN's latest installment of "Going Green!" MEET GWW PARTNERS AT THESE EVENTS: OFF-GRID CONFERENCE: Off-Grid Tech Day is December 6. Off-Grid Conference is December 7 – 8. The two-day event OFF-GRID Expo + Conference (OEC) is the only neutral

congress trade event in Europe focused on the off-grid solar, wind and hydropower systems sector.

SAVE THE DATE: Read on for Global Water Works Community Happenings - curated from around the globe. A partial list is below: SPECIALIZED CONFERENCE ON WATER/WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT – December 3 – 8 PRAISE AND PRAYER – December 5 WATEC PORTUGAL – December 5 – 7

NORTH AMERICAN WATER LOSS CONFERENCE – December 5 - 7 OFF-GRID EXPO & CONFERENCE 2023 – December 6 – 8 PRAISE AND PRAYER – December 19 FLORIDA GROUNDWATER CONFERENCE – January 23 – 24 WATER & WASTEWATER EQUIPMENT, TREATMENT & TRANSPORT SHOW – January 24 - 27 RURAL WATER RALLY – February 6 – 8 YOUNG PROFESSIONALS SUMMIT – February 11 – 14 WORLD WATER TECH INNOVATION SUMMIT – February 20 – 21 1st SWAN SMART METERING WORKSHOP – February 29 – March 1, 2024 ILLINOIS LAKES MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE – March 4 – 6 MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE – March 4 – 7 2024 WATER REUSE SYMPOSIUM – March 10 – 13, 2024 FLORIDA WATER RESOURCES CONFERENCE – April 2 – 6 WISCONSIN WATER WEEK – April 10 – 16 GLOBAL WATER SUMMIT 2024 – April 15 – 17 DESIGN-BUILD CONFERENCE FOR WATER/WASTEWATER – April 15 – 17 THE WATER TOWER DEMO DAY – April 18 EARTH DAY – April 22 FLORIDA ENVIRONMENTAL PERMITTING SUMMER SCHOOL – June 16 - 19 EXPLORING GLOBAL WATER WORKS: Whether you're looking for a project, technology or best practices, you should be able to expand your network and your knowledge through the simple search, news feed or member locator.

ABOUT GlobalWaterWorks: Each week, we identify research, success stories, new technologies and water heroes to illustrate how global water works for the planet, people and prosperity. Our mission is to connect drops of interest for waves of impact, and we invite you to collaborate and celebrate impactful water work in the community: You can also follow us on LinkedIn: Twitter @GlobalWaterWork; and Facebook: Jacksonville Beach, FL·Updated Today, December

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