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This Week 5-22-23: Water Intelligence

together to address harmful algal blooms and other water issues. In addition to the H2O Global News Magazine, they have an interview series called H2O Stream, providing case studies, and more.

THIS WEEK’S POLL: We appreciate the work that our water utility workers do every day to give us excellent healthy water at our taps. In our poll we asked: In your opinion, rate the water that comes from your tap?

  • Excellent – 50%

  • I believe it is safe – 0%

  • Not sure if I trust the water from the tap. I have a purifying system in my home – 30%

  • The water is satisfactory but not great tasting – 10%

  • Other, please comment – 10%

Many thoughtful comments: Due to the term "safe" being difficult to determine due to unregulated and or unknown content, the answer should be as such, unknown. I suggest the term "Safe" is not quantified. I suggest everyone treat the water they drink at the Point Of Use (POU). This method, however requires that people learn what is in the supplied water and what the health issues are that exist in the people that rely on the treated water. All treatment systems do not remove all things to a same level. Some people are more susceptible to Floride at lower levels, while others have no known reaction to it. This is only one example of hundreds of "Pollutants" possible in any water source anywhere, as such, the known and unknown. 🤔 Water is local or regional. The drinking water source in our area is very pure, from a confined aquifer 1,000 feet below the ground and I believe our treatment plants are well run. We also need to think about well water. WONDER OF WATER: Water researcher, Veda Austin, explores the idea that water has intelligence and can respond to human consciousness. She

demonstrates her belief by using macroscopic photography to capture water’s response to pictures, words, and music. BONUS: YOU Can learn from Veda Austin, who will be featured on Oceanside Chats on May 24 at 9:00 a.m. PST, thanks to the team at HydroDAO. Register here.

TECH TALK: This week’s conversation is with Chris Lee, founder and CEO of Aqua Realtime and inventor of Algae Tracker. Alga Tracker is an IOT device providing an

warning system for Harmful Algal Blooms and water pollutants.

FUN WITH WATER: Katie Patrick uses gamification to motivate behavior change and save the world. Learn 5 techniques you can easily deploy, and how GWW are putting these strategies to work.

FEATURED EVENTS: SAVE THE DATE: Read on for Global Water Works Community Happenings - curated from around the globe. A partial list is below: 2023 WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL AND WATER RESOURCES CONGRESS – May 21 – 25 PRAISE AND PRAYER – May 23 4th GLOBAL SMART WATER SUMMIT – May 25 - 26 ROTARY WORLD WATER SUMMIT 15: EVERYTHING STARTS WITH WASH – May 25 LET2023 IWA LEADING EDGE CONFERENCE ON WATER TECH – May 29 – June 2 FLORIDA WATER RESOURCES CONFERENCE – May 31 – June 3 21st INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON HEALTH-RELATED WATER MICROBIOLOGY – June 4 – 9 AQUATECH CHINA – June 5 – 7 PRAISE AND PRAYER – June 6 2023 STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS: H2O WORKSHOP – June 6 – 7 WEF/IWA INNOVATIONS IN PROCESS ENGINEERING CONFERENCE – June 6 – 9 AWWA ACE 23: THE FUTURE OF WATER IS 2050 – June 11 – 14 2023 UNIVERSITIES COUNCIL ON WATER RESOURCES CONFERENCE – June 13 – 15 LIBERTYVILLE DAYS – June 15 – 18 WATER INNOVATION EUROPE- June 20 – 22 WOMEN IN ENGINEERING DAY – June 23 WATER RESILIENCE AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS – June 26 - 29 WASTEWATER DISEASE SURVEILLANCE SUMMIT – June 26 WEF STORMWATER SUMMIT 2023 – June 27 - 29 WEF COLLECTION SYSTEMS CONFERENCE – June 28 – 30 WEF CIRCULAR WATER ECONOMY SUMMIT – July 18 - 20 FLORIDA ENVIRONMENTAL PERMITTING SUMMER SCHOOL – July 18 – 21 POTABLE REUSE AND BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT – July 24 – 26 WATER EFFICIENCY AND CONSERVATION SUMMIT – August 2 -3 20th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HARMFUL ALGAE – August 2 – October 11 18TH EVERYTHING ABOUT WATER EXPO – August 3 – 5 VIENNA WATER CONFERENCE: RIVERS CONNECTING MOUNTAINS & COASTS – August 21 - 25 THE WATER EXPO – August 22 – 24 STORMCON – August 29 – 31 GLOBAL LEAKAGE SUMMIT – September 5 – 6 WATERPRO CONFERENCE 2023 – September 25 – 27 FUTURE WATER CONGRESS – September 27 – 28 WATERVENT – October 10 WORLD WATER TECH NORTH AMERICA – October 25 – 26 PAK WATER AND ENERGY EXPO – October 25 – 27 WATEC PORTUGAL – December 5 – 7 ABOUT GlobalWaterWorks: Each week, we identify research, success stories, new technologies and water heroes to illustrate how global water works for the planet, people and prosperity. Our mission is to connect drops of interest for waves of impact, and we invite you to collaborate and celebrate impactful water work in the community: You can also follow us on LinkedIn: Twitter @GlobalWaterWork; and Facebook: Jacksonville Beach, FL·Posted Mon, May 22

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