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Many suggest the current water crisis is the result of climate change. It's true, we are seeing more extreme weather events. But efficient water management has transformed even the most water-challenged regions into a resilient oases.  Look at Israel, Singapore, and The Netherlands.

While water problems are local, digital platforms and volunteer experts are lending their expertise to scale solutions globally.

What makes it a crisis?

We have a water crisis when life or livelihoods are threatened, and there is no water or financial resources to source or treat water.   For that reason, Global Water Works fundraising focuses on education and impactful solutions for those least aware or able to afford the solutions. A pool of experts, who volunteer time, expertise, or funds to help those who can't afford solutions:

2.2 Billion

Over 2.2 billion people (1 in 3) people lack access to save water and sanitation.

3.4 million

More than 3.4 million people die from water-borne diseases annually.


90 seconds

Every 90 seconds a child five or younger dies as the result of unsafe water

200 million

More than 200 million hours are spent daily by women and girls collecting and transporting water, often placing themselves at risk.

Solutions Exist.

We think you'll agree. It's time to replace fear with facts and faith in God's infinitely renewable water system.

Help us connect the tech, talent and finances to those in need.

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