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Welcome to
We invite you to
Connect, Collaborate & Celebrate
those who make water work.

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Thousands of water pros who are advocating for better water management have joined Global Water Works to help showcase proven solutions across the entire water cycle. 

We invite you to dive in!

Connect with the experts across the globe who are making water work...

                     Play a role in current and future                    Global Water Works initiatives. Your gift today helps water work for all.

Many hands make the work light.

Global Water Works is a registered charity (501c3) and online community dedicated to advancing the adoption of smart and efficient technologies to solve the global water crisis in this generation.

Through its integrated digital platform and collaboration programs, Global Water Works illuminates the people, processes, and technologies working to address today's water challenges, and supports the funding of these efforts.


The Global Water Works community is free, and members may also subscribe to focused discussion forums, spanning Atmospheric Water, Digital Transformation, Corporate Sustainability, Women in Water, and Next Generation opportunities.

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