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Algae Lake Clean Lake

Lake Restoration

Is your lake starting to show signs of Harmful Algal Bloom pollution. 

Every year, as the warm weather approaches, we begin to see the signs of Algal Blooms. Not all are harmful, however to enjoy your lake, protect the ecosystem and property values it is good to know early in the cycle.  

Great Lakes Swimming.jpg
Pristine Lake.jpg

Did your lake look like that?
And now....? 

Recently, May, 2022 at the ICTC Conference, a well vetted solution was presented in a keynote address by Wayne Carmichael. Solutions exist as do case studies and testimonials. 

Underwater and lights_edited.jpg

Solutions Exist.

We think you'll agree. It's time to replace fear with facts and faith in God's infinitely renewable water system.

Help us connect the tech, talent and finances to those in need.

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