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Lake Restoration

Solutions exist to address the muck, algae, toxins, etc. 

The Current Reality

With more than 50 years of nutrient pollution flowing in to our world's lakes, it is no surprise that 40% of our water bodies are impaired*.  The water is murky, the muck is deep, and the presence of cyanobacteria threatens the health of marine life, pets, citizens and local economies. 

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How did we get here?

A proliferation of cyanobacteria and harmful algae blooms (HABs) occurs when we have nutrients (eutrophication) and warm water temperature. The result is:

  • A reduction in water quality, giving water a distinct smell and taste

  • Clogging water filters in industrial devices

  • Toxic blooms 

  • Hypoxia, contributing to fish kills 

  • Food web alteration


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Nature-based opportunity

Does your lake look like the one on the left?
And now....? 

with our renewable water system. 

By taking the time to understand the shape of a water body, the natural in-flows and out-flows, experts are using nature-based solutions to support the holistic restoration of lakes, lagoons and more.


This investment in natural infrastructure is restoring lakes across the world, as the case studies below show.

Case Studies  and Customer Testimonials

In May 2022, at the International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria, this multi-level methods approach to remediate and prevent HABS was presented in a keynote address by Wayne Carmichael, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Wright State University.  We are grateful for Dr. Carmichael's four years of research on this opportunity across six lakes,  and invite you to listen in to: "The Next 50 Years: A Focus on Prevention and Remediation." 

Solutions Exist.

We think you'll agree. It's time to replace fear with facts and faith in God's infinitely renewable water system.

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