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8-3-23 Tech Talk Thursday: Our Lakes are Orphans!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

8-3-23 GAO Report No One has Read!

Play Video The beauty of our lakes conceals a silent crisis that imperils both our environment and public health. Toxic lakes, tainted by harmful algal blooms and hypoxia, are spreading like a silent epidemic, and it's a call for all of us to take action. Global Water Works, alongside dedicated homeowners associations and states, is actively engaged in a mission to rescue these orphaned lakes. But we can't do it alone – we need your support.

The State of Emergency: Toxic lakes have reached a critical point. Homeowners in Michigan and Lake County, Illinois, are feeling the consequences. As our members work tirelessly to connect with communities and bring awareness to these solutions, the response from some state and county authorities remains dishearteningly inadequate, as if our lakes are orphans! That's why we are sounding the alarm – this is a health crisis that requires immediate attention.

The Expertise and Solutions: Global Water Works is armed with a robust database of proven solutions and a network of experts who are dedicated to advancing viable strategies. Our efforts are bolstered by the knowledge of leading researchers in this field. However, without coordinated action and resources, our expertise can only go so far.

The Plea for Action: Mary Conley Eggert, a Co-Founder of Global Water Works and a passionate advocate for lake preservation, has sounded the clarion call. Months of public testimony and the support of hundreds of concerned citizens have yet to yield the necessary funding and commitment from parental states and counties. We cannot allow this critical situation to persist.

The National Impact: Toxic algal blooms and hypoxia know no boundaries. This is a national crisis that demands a collective response. The Government Accountability Office's report from June 2022 and the CDC's findings underscore the urgency. More than 250 people have fallen ill, and beloved pets have lost their lives due to these toxic blooms. The toll is too great to ignore.

Your Role in the Solution: We invite you to stand with us, to be the voice that demands change. By joining Lake County Lake Lovers and or Michigan Inland Lakes, you become a part of a movement that seeks to safeguard our natural heritage. Just as we invest in our built infrastructure, we must invest in our lakes – the heart of our environment.

The Time is Now: The clock is ticking, and every moment counts. Together, we can secure a healthier future for our communities, for generations to come. Our orphaned lakes need adoptive champions – let that champion be you!

Join the cause, take a stand, and let's rescue our orphaned lakes. It's time to invest in our natural infrastructure in the same way we do our built infrastructure... all water is ultimately connected.

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