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  • Mary Conley Eggert

County Board hears Lake Lovers, suggests clean lakes are shared priority

Boy Scouts, youth and Lake County citizens gave voice to Lake County's lakes and the marine life dependent on them in this month's Lake County, Illinois, Board meeting.

“We want to be the voice for fish and wildlife who do not have a voice,” said Monica Contreras of Green Oaks. “We all have to protect nature. We have to protect our lakes.”

The groups' efforts and the response of the Board were covered in the News-Sun's Aug. 8 story, "Lake County faces calls to use relief funds on environment:"

Board Chair Sandy Hart indicated a sizable investment was used for its regional tree and native plant initiative. And, COVID Subcommittee Chair Paul Frank said money for water resources is allocated both by the board and other governmental agencies.

“'The health of our lakes and our natural environment is also of top importance to each of us,' Frank said. 'We are always focused on improving water quality.'”

Mary Conley Eggert, founder of Global Water Works and host to the Lake County Lake Lover group, is optimistic another grant opportunity will soon support a demonstration of the nature-based solution her team has seen succeed in other parts of the country. In the meantime, she encourages all who love lakes to join the online community, focused on restoring Lake County's lakes.

"Innovative solutions exist, modeled after God's natural processes (as described in GWW's World Water Day "Future of Lakes" Feature). Our hope is that all who are experiencing problems will be able to use these innovative, nature-based solutions, to liberate local lakes from decades of nutrient and stormwater pollution."

Whether you are a limnologist or are simply willing to lend a hand, there is a role for everyone in the Lake County Lake Lover community, says Eggert, noting the community is free to join, and an FAQ and 'Journey to be a Water Ambassador' can result in a bronze badge within hours.

The online community also helps members find lake lovers near them, share updates and stay apprised of tools and programs created by the County's Stormwater Management Commission and Health Department.

The vision for the group is summed up on the right side of the poster:


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