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  • Mary Conley Eggert

Few investments are worth more than quality drinking water.

For millions around the world, access to funds stands between them and safe water and sanitation.

RainReach is working to change that, partnering with schools to deliver clean water and education on the water stewardship.

Your donation will have immediate impact.

RainReach improves children's lives in India today while educating them for a resilient future.

Your gift supports:

  • Proven technology for rainwater harvesting

  • Wastewater treatment and effective water re-use for schools lacking reliable, clean water-solar powered to bypass the unreliable grid power

  • Rainfall monitoring equipment and educational resources for teachers and students to help all be wise water stewards.

With India's water crisis growing more dire by the day, education and resilience-building are urgent for the next generation. Training impressionable school children with hands-on learning experiences replaces helplessness and hopelessness with a resilient water future.

RainReach dramatically impacts the here-and-now water needs of Indian school children, and will provide a model for all in the world to gain vital knowledge, access and abundant clean water.

Join us in solving the global water crisis where it exists. A donation of any amount will support the installation of a RainReach program in a local school.

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