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Newsletter 9-18-23 Water Quality is Key

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

SPOTLIGHT: Meet Abby Davey, the Co-Founder and Managing director of H2O Global News, who is collaborating with Global Water Works to showcase products and services relevant to Water Quality Month. Abby shares our vision to solve the global water crisis and offers her team’s content marketing expertise - with videos, polls and interviews - to grow your global audience. Frank Slovenec recently sat down with Abby to talk about H2O Global News and National Quality Water Month. Take a look. AUGUST IS WATER QUALITY MONTH: With 40% of the nation’s waterways suffering from water quality problems and one in four urban dwellers not having access to improved

, there are plenty of reasons to make water quality a focus. Fortunately, many members of the community are focused on addressing water quality, and you will meet them through the interviews conducted by Frank Slovenec this month. JOIN US IN MAPPING JOURNEYS TO GLOBAL WATER RESILIENCE:

may have noticed we added “Journeys” to the sidebar in the community site. Journeys provide a way for all of us to play a role in solving the global water crisis - focusing on one initiative or one region at a time. A WOW JOURNEY TO EFFICIENT WATER MANAGEMENT: Courtesy World of Water. Join

us at 11 am ET Thursday, August 5 to hear how a small group of passionate water pros has saved 240,000,000 liters by engaging 40 schools and 10 buildings. It now has its sights set on saving 1,000,000,0 FALL “REUSE” WEBINAR SERIES will feature global experts in this fast growing sector.

how you can participate - to receive CPE credits, to gain visibility for your organization or to showcase your technology to more than 1200 participants. ZAPPING WATER OUT OF CLOUDS: Cloud seeding with chemicals such as silver iodide is

nothing new. But Dubai is using drones and lasers to "zap" the water out of clouds. This thoughtful article in Forbes notes potential problems with triggering rainfall. THIS WEEK’S POLL:

Great response volume and comments. It seems to always come down to quality data and technology. Agriculture is said to use over 70% of all freshwater withdrawals. What do you you think would be most effective in reducing this percentage? Have companies responsible for their entire supply chain – 13% Farmers capturing and storing water – 46% Control the growth of crops that require large amounts of water – 20% Regulate the pumping of groundwater for farming – 20% Greater use of compost and mulch – 0% Comments collectively: New technologies including better and more directed irrigation instead of broad watering..collecting more data to improve the efficient use of water. Eating less meat was suggested as it takes 400,000 gallons of water to raise a beef-producing steer. This may not be far off as it requires 1,846 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef Look for the next poll this week on Tuesday.

BINGO WINNER: And the lucky winner of a Global Water Works water jug is Donna Kaluzniak for her tireless efforts with the GWW Newsletter and Community, educating all on ways to improve our lakes and coasts. SAVE THE DATE: Read on for Global Water Works Community Happenings - curated from around the globe. HARMFUL ALGAL BLOOMS –July 28 – August 25 UTILITY MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE – August 3 – 6 PRAYER MEETING – August 3 WOW JOURNEY TO WATER EFFICIENCY – August 5 FLORIDA OPERATORS STATE SHORT SCHOOL – August 9 – 13 PRAYER MEETING – August 17 THE WATER EXPO – August 25 – 26 PUBLIC WORKS EXPO – August 29 – September 1 PRAYER MEETING – August 31 EPA DRINKING WATER WORKSHOP – August 30 – September 2 IWA RESOURCE RECOVERY CONFERENCE – September 5 - 8 WATER INFRASTRUCTURE CONFERENCE – September 12 – 15 WATER PRO CONFERENCE – September 13 – 16 WASTEWATER EQUIPMENT FAIR – September 14 2021 WATEREUSE CALIFORNIA ANNUAL CONFERENCE – September 19 – 21 ASSOCIATION OF WATER TECHNOLOGIES CONFERENCE – September 22 – 25 THE UTILITY EXPO – September 28 – 30 EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE – AMWA – October 3 – 6 CARIBBEAN WATER AND WASTEWATER CONFERENCE – October 3 – 8 AMWA 2021 EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE – October 3 – 8 WATER SMART INNOVATIONS CONFERENCE – October 6 – 7 STORMCON 2021 – October 13 – 15 WEFTEC – October 16 - 20 WASTEWATER EQUIPMENT FAIR – January 12 - 13 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Congratulations to our new Ambassadors and welcome to our newest members: Catherine Charbonnier (France), Barbara Martin (Colorado), Ethan Voyles (Kansas), Hari Haran Chandra (India), Jeremy Lenz (Minnesota), Buolikeze Geh (United Kingdom), Charlles Bohdy (Iceland) ABOUT GlobalWaterWorks: Each week, we identify research, success stories, new technologies and water heroes to illustrate how global water works for the planet, people and prosperity. Our mission is to connect drops of interest for waves of impact, and we invite you to collaborate and celebrate impactful water work in the community: You can also follow us on Twitter @GlobalWaterWork. #EngageStakeholders Jacksonville Beach, FL·Updated Yesterday, September 18, 2023 Donna Kaluzniak

Host · Utility Professional Our Newsletter writer and editor. B2B writer for the water industry--web content, white papers, case studies, newsletters, blogs, presentations.

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