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Newsletter this Week 11-13-23

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Congratulations to our new Ambassadors, and say “hello” to our newest members! Mohamed Ghaib (Algeria), Ricardo Gil (Spain), Pat Smarto (Illinois), Yitzy Rosenberg (Ohio), Suzan Mayworm (Illinois) NEWS WORTH SHARING: Even a high school student can make a difference to people who lack access to clean drinking water. WHO TO KNOW: A humble glass of water out of the kitchen faucet — nothing special there,

? Nothing like, oh, a glass of fine wine, to be admired and savored. Think again! Meet Dr. Marcos Eberlin, author of Foresight How the Chemistry of Life Reveals Planning and Purpose. Learn why he describes water as a supernatural liquid.

THIS WEEK’S POLL All of our respondents were aware of the health of their watershed. Some were signed up for updates from watershed agencies, with comments noting that some of the data is inaccurate, false, or delayed.

How aware are you of your watershed health?

  • Very aware, I regularly check on it – 80%

  • Not at all – 0%

  • Somewhat aware – 20%

  • It takes care of itself – 0%

  • Other, please comment – 0%

THE WONDER OF WATER: Water is the lifeblood of our planet, sustaining ecosystems, nourishing our bodies, and driving industries. Yet, the value of this precious resource often

unrecognized, and its management is often taken for granted. To ensure a thriving future, we must cultivate water education and awareness. TOOLS YOU CAN USE: Do you ever wonder how your local waterway is doing? EPA has a special app that details the condition of our nation’s waterways. Sadly, 40% of our nation’s

are impaired.

FUN WITH WATER: We can make it fun for kids in school to learn

water, wastewater and biosolids with a 3-D enviroscape and some trained professionals. #WATERTECH SHOWCASE: Challenges are part of the water industry, but solutions are

at the GWW’s Watertech Showcase, a technology database complete with case studies and video demonstrations.

NEAR-TERM EVENTS: BLUE TECH WEEK takes place Nov. 14-18 in person in San Diego.This is a not-to-be-

, 5-day networking and knowledge-sharing conference on Oceans and Maritime policy. Blue Tech Week attracts international experts to discuss recent research, technologies and brainstorm next steps in roundtables. READY OR NOT – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS HERE. November 14 – 1:00 EST - Artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a growing role in creating a

, resilient water future. Experts will provide an overview of AI and ML in the water community, and analyze how utilities can leverage these technologies to meet their current and long-term water needs. LAKE COUNTY LAKE LOVERS – PLANNING FOR 2024 - Thursday, November 16 at 7:00

CST - 2024 Lake County Lake Lovers Plan - Proposed Agenda NOTE: This meeting will take place via Zoom at 7 pm, and you can click that to join the video. SAVE THE DATE: Read on for Global Water Works Community Happenings - curated from around the globe. A partial list is below: BLUE TECH WEEK – November 13 - 17 ONE WATER SUMMIT 2023 – November 14 – 16 WE3 SUMMIT: GLOBAL MOVEMENT TO REIMAGINE ENERGY & WATER – November 14 – 16 RATE SETTING ESSENTIALS – November 15 - 17 FLORIDA SECTION AWWA FALL CONFERENCE – November 26 – 29 IRRIGATION SHOW AND EDUCATION WEEK – November 27 – December 1

CALIFORNIA BIORESOURCES ALLIANCE SYMPOSIUM 2023 – November 28 – 29 SPECIALIZED CONFERENCE ON WATER/WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT – December 3 – 8 WATEC PORTUGAL – December 5 – 7 NORTH AMERICAN WATER LOSS CONFERENCE – December 5 - 7 OFF-GRID EXPO & CONFERENCE 2023 – December 6 – 8 WATER & WASTEWATER EQUIPMENT, TREATMENT & TRANSPORT SHOW – January 24 - 27 RURAL WATER RALLY – February 6 – 8 YOUNG PROFESSIONALS SUMMIT – February 11 - 14 1st SWAN SMART METERING WORKSHOP – February 29 – March 1, 2024 2024 WATER REUSE SYMPOSIUM – March 10 – 13, 2024 FLORIDA ENVIRONMENTAL PERMITTING SUMMER SCHOOL – June 16 - 19 ABOUT GlobalWaterWorks: Each week, we identify research, success stories, new technologies and water heroes to illustrate how global water works for the planet, people and prosperity. Our mission is to connect drops of interest for waves of impact, and we invite you to collaborate and celebrate impactful water work in the community: You can also follow us on LinkedIn: Twitter @GlobalWaterWork; and Facebook: Jacksonville Beach, FL·Updated Mon, November 13

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