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  • Frank Slovenec

Prayer Meeting 11-21-23 with Uganda, Congo, Nairobi, Iowa, Illinois and Georgia represented

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

If you have never prayed with an African. It would be a great stirring, heaven moving experience.

I have found through time spent in Malawi Africa and with Africans from a number of African Countries. These Saints know how to storm the gates of heaven. I have found this to be true because these African Saints have experienced first hand the need for total dependance on Jesus! This creates a dependency on the Lord which God loves to fill. The Warfare Prayers this morning moved Heaven as Daniel's Warfare Prayer moved heaven. Next Prayer Meeting December 5, 2023 11AM EST on Https:// Hope to see you there!! Atlanta, GA·Posted Today, November 21

Frank Slovenec💧 Host · Technology Organization As a connector, I love what community, communications and technology has done and will continue to do to improve the availability of quality water.

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