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  • Frank Slovenec

Susan Springsteen, CEO H2O Connected, Tech Talk Thursday 9-28-23

A very informative conversation with Susan Springsteen, CEO and Co-Founder of H2O Connected.

H2O Connected products, Leak Alerter and Leak Alerter Pro detect and pinpoint toilet leaks, provide water usage analytics and damage protection for Tank-Based Toilets.

A leaky toilet can waste up to 7,000 gallons of water per day. At the lower end can waste up to 300 gallons per day.

There are 328 million toilets in the United States, alone. The EPA says 20% of them are leaking, to some degree. That is over 60 million toilets leaking. At even 100 gallons each that is a HUGE NUMBER of Gallons wasted. About 6 billion gallons a day. Think of it, this is water that we have spent all the money and energy on collecting it, processing and pumping it to homes.

Think of the economic, energy and environmental impact of reducing the number of wasted gallons!

I hope you find our conversation interesting.

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