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  • Frank Slovenec

Tech Talk Thursday 11-16-23 Conversation with a true aquaponics environmental leaders

Mary Conley Eggert, the founder of Global Water Works, has a conversation with Tom Koulentes the principal of Libertyville, High School. It is very interesting. Tom designed an aquaponics system for his home to support the family's pet tortoise, and tells how it supported not only the tortoise but a family of five.

Libertyville High School has a significant environmental backbone, which Tom has fostered and driven with the support of Envionmental AP Instructor, Jennifer Kahn, PhD.

The high school uses the nearby lake, Lake Butler, as part of their curriculum. Students realize they can save the planet by working in their own backyard. The high school students become environmentally conscious and in some cases have taken up a career in environmental sciences.

The take away Tom hopes to instill in students is: "We can save and sustain our environment right here in Libertyville, Il."

Hope you enjoy the conversation.

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