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  • Frank Slovenec

Tech Talk Thursday 9-21-23 Highlighting Violet Nash 10 yr old co-author.

Highlighting the co-author of our book God's Answer to Water is Us! ,Violet Nash. Violet is a smart, active and very creative 10 year old. She recently reminded me that when we started the book she was 9 and in third grade, now she is 10 in fourth grade. Writing the book with

Violet has been a huge blessing to me.

You can DONATE to support the books publishing and distribution into Sunday School Curriculums.

It is very important to us that connecting children to their water, at an early age. will insure quality water into the infinite future.

Violet helped write the book. She also developed the mascot for the book, Shelly the Turtle. Here she is working on the early pictures of Shelly.

This is the early Shelly as drawn by Violet

Here is Shelly after our illustrator, Mallory Chaput, took the original and added her beautiful creativity to it.

The book has been edited, it is at the printer for the first run, which will be sent out for review and comment.

We are seeking funds to support the book's publishing and distribution efforts. DONATE

It will be followed with a second book on Good Stewardship related to water.

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