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  • Frank Slovenec

Tech Talk Thursday October 26 with Bruce Alderman, CEO Rotec U.S.A.

A Rotec install or retrofit produces economic, environmental and health benefits.

Rotec's groundbreaking Flow Reversal technology, exclusive retrofit and turnkey desalination solutions, significantly boosts water recovery rate, enhances performance and production, reduces cost and minimizes eco-footprint. Thus, making it the gold standard of desalination technology companies worldwide.

Rotec is an Israeli company with now an operating unit as a U.S. Company. Bruce has a great executive and water background. He is in process of building the U.S. business.

The company already has a global presences with over 60 installations across the globe. Santa Monica, CA has benefited greatly from a Rotec retrofit. They are saving in a number of areas, one is reducing waste water outflow by 50%!

Hope you enjoy the conversation!

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