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  • Kiran Kumar

This Week 4-3-23: The Power of Community

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

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Congratulations to our new Ambassadors and say “hello” to our newest members:



Many members of the community have bronze, silver or gold badges next to their names. The badges represent their introducing 2+, 10+ or 25+ peers to the Global Water Works community.

You can see these ambassadors in the Member Directory, where you can also locate Members Near You if you enable location settings.

EVERYONE can be an Ambassador. This 7-minute tour will show you how to establish your profile and thought leadership, placing you on a path to achieving greater impact through collaboration.

Mallory Chaput got us off to an early start this week with her poll, asking:

What is the best way to transform a lawn to benefit nature and society?

  • Let the lawn grow weeds and accept them.

  • Find a native grass and use it as a monoculture for the lawn

  • Plant trees or bushes in the yard and let the lawn exist around them. (25%)

  • Transform the lawn into a native and/or edible landscape that doesn't need watering. (75%)

  • Other

The Results: 75 percent of respondents suggested returning the vegetation to native plants that don’t need watering and may also be edible.

This poll really got people talking! Browse the rich comments that reveal the power of community in surfacing the wisdom of the crowd.

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