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  • Mary Conley Eggert

This Week 7-10-23: The Future of Our Lakes

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Congratulations to our new Ambassadors and say “hello” to our newest members: Larry Steker (Illinois), Russell Reder (Illinois), Doug Grier (Illinois), Cindy Johnson (Wisconsin)

WHO TO KNOW: The Members of Global Water Works Lake Life: Prevent and Remediate HABs work space are focused on eradicating the pollution contributing to hypoxia and harmful algal blooms in our lakes. Read the FAQ to understand the drivers and processes in place to eliminate the nutrient pollution and restore the natural food web in our lakes and water bodies.

THIS WEEK’S POLL: It’s Lake Appreciation Month. We invite you to share your favorite lake experience. Why do you appreciate lakes? Says Sally Wenczel, a camping trip alongside Lake Superior brings to mind the value of a lake in sustaining the life around it. Other experiences we enjoy included walking around a favorite lake at a park, and photographing lakes.

THE WONDER OF WATER: ABC News digital explores the Power of Water and what’s happening to water from different lenses. Effects from business to residential to sea level rise, and what the government is doing to protect the most precious commodity on Earth are examined.

TECH TALK: As we consider the future of lakes, we’re thrilled to share a means to restore the 40% of waterbodies impaired by nutrient pollution. Learn about the renewable water cycle, and how a multi-level process can enable our lakes and water bodies to process the heavy load of nutrients flowing into them.

FUN WITH WATER: The mighty Mississippi River inspired the creators of the River Museum to showcase the transportation, ecology and history of rivers. If you’re not able to visit in person, we invite you to take the virtual tour at the River Museum.

GREAT SUMMERTIME READ: Ripple Effects How We’re Loving Our Lakes to Death by Ted Rulseh comes highly recommended. The book explores the science of human impact on our lakes.

FEATURED EVENTS: SAVE THE DATE: Read on for Global Water Works Community Happenings - curated from around the globe. A partial list is below: AWRA 2023 SUMMER CONFERENCE - July 17 - 19 WEF CIRCULAR WATER ECONOMY SUMMIT – July 18 – 20 PRAISE AND PRAYER – July 18 FLORIDA ENVIRONMENTAL PERMITTING SUMMER SCHOOL – July 18 – 21 WATEREUSE ARIZONA SYMPOSIUM – July 23 - 25 IWA MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE - July 23 - 26 POTABLE REUSE AND BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT – July 24 – 26 WINE FOR WATER – July 27 PRAISE AND PRAYER – August 1 WATER EFFICIENCY AND CONSERVATION SUMMIT – August 2 -3 20th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HARMFUL ALGAE – August 2 – October 11 18TH EVERYTHING ABOUT WATER EXPO – August 3 – 5 VIENNA WATER CONFERENCE: RIVERS CONNECTING MOUNTAINS & COASTS – August 21 - 25 THE WATER EXPO – August 22 – 24 STORMCON – August 29 – 31 GLOBAL LEAKAGE SUMMIT – September 5 – 6 PACIFIC NORTHWEST CLEAN WATER ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE – September 10 – 12 2023 WATEREUSE TEXAS CONFERENCE – September 20 – 22 WATERPRO CONFERENCE 2023 – September 25 – 27 FUTURE WATER CONGRESS – September 27 – 28 4th SWAN AMERICAS WORKSHOP – September 28 - 29 WATERVENT – October 10 WORLD WATER TECH NORTH AMERICA – October 25 – 26 PAK WATER AND ENERGY EXPO – October 25 – 27 2023 WATEREUSE CALIFORNIA CONFERENCE – November 5 – 7 WATER QUALITY TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE – November 5 – 9 WATEC PORTUGAL – December 5 – 7 OFF-GRID EXPO & CONFERENCE 2023 – December 6 – 8 1st SWAN SMART METERING WORKSHOP – February 29 – March 1, 2024 2024 WATER REUSE SYMPOSIUM – March 10 – 13, 2024 #OceansLakesAndWaterways ABOUT GlobalWaterWorks: Each week, we identify research, success stories, new technologies and water heroes to illustrate how global water works for the planet, people and prosperity. Our mission is to connect drops of interest for waves of impact, and we invite you to collaborate and celebrate impactful water work in the community: You can also follow us on LinkedIn: Twitter @GlobalWaterWork; and Facebook:

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