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  • Mary Conley Eggert

This Week 7-3-23: It’s Lake Appreciation Month – Show a Lake Some Love!


Congratulations to our new Ambassadors and say “hello” to our newest members:

Tyler McNeese (Georgia), Courtney Lee (Georgia), Thomas Flynn (Egypt), Anna Impellitteri (Georgia), Jay Madigan (Florida)

WHO TO KNOW: Kristan Vandenheuvel is Director of Impact and Engagement at The Water Tower. She’s interested in all things water - including research, community engagement, nextgen recruitment, and reuse – and. Kristan provides a gateway to water jobs, thought leadership and development opportunities through the Water Tower Global Innovation Hub. We encourage all to join the Water Tower workspace in the Global Water Works community and browse her recent posts to tour the Water Tower or get familiar with opportunities across the water sector.

THIS WEEK’S POLL looked at favorite water memories around holidays, such as the 4th of July, happening this week. It will likely come as no surprise that “fireworks displays” over a body of water were among the top memories, garnering two thirds of the vote, with family reunions and picnics alongside lakes securing the other third. Access to water is key to our enjoying freedom, the focus of this U.S. Holiday. Global Water Works staff will be off on the July 4th U.S. Holiday, returning July 5. We wish all around the world the same independence, which is enhanced by access to precious water resources.

This week into the fourth of July Holiday. What are your best memories of the 4th of July and water?

  • Frolicking in an above ground pool with friends and neighbors – 0%

  • Going to a lake for a family picnic – 20%

  • Enjoying a fireworks display over a body of water – 60%

  • A family reunion at a lake or backyard pool – 20%

  • Other please tell your story – 0%

THE WONDER OF WATER is made evident through man’s attempt to control it. GeoengineeringWatch’s founder, Dane Wigington advises those who are innovating to be watchful of unintended consequences, and lends his 20 years of research in this area to help all be discerning of natural vs. unnatural weather patterns.

TECH TALK: Sandra Bock, organizer of the Off-grid Expo and Conference taking place Dec. 7-8 in Augsburg, Germany, briefed Mary Eggert on their plans for this year’s program. You’ll find yourself in great company at this innovative new conference which is in a new, expanded space to accommodate demand/interest. If you support rural, mobile, or related off-grid water or energy solutions, consider attending, and submit your abstract via this Call for Papers, open through end of July.

FUN WITH WATER: July is Lake Appreciation Month, and we’ve highlighted a variety of ways you can have fun with your local lake and also improve water quality.

PREPARATION IS KEY: This report, Preparing United States Critical Infrastructure for Today’s Evolving Water Crises includes 11 recommendations for protecting our water utilities.


SAVE THE DATE: Read on for Global Water Works Community Happenings - curated from around the globe. A partial list is below:


THE WATER EXPO – August 22 – 24

STORMCON – August 29 – 31


2023 WATEREUSE TEXAS CONFERENCE – September 20 – 22

WATERPRO CONFERENCE 2023 – September 25 – 27

FUTURE WATER CONGRESS – September 27 – 28

4th SWAN AMERICAS WORKSHOP – September 28 - 29

WATERVENT – October 10



WATEC PORTUGAL – December 5 – 7

OFF-GRID EXPO & CONFERENCE 2023 – December 6 – 8

1st SWAN SMART METERING WORKSHOP – February 29 – March 1, 2024

2024 WATER REUSE SYMPOSIUM – March 10 – 13, 2024

ABOUT GlobalWaterWorks: Each week, we identify research, success stories, new technologies and water heroes to illustrate how global water works for the planet, people and prosperity.

Our mission is to connect drops of interest for waves of impact, and we invite you to collaborate and celebrate impactful water work in the community:

You can also follow us on LinkedIn: Twitter @GlobalWaterWork; and Facebook:

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